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Node.js MongoDB Explorer

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A Standalone or ExpressJS mountable MongoDB Explorer.

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Install Globaly from NPM:

npm install -g mongomate


mongomate [mongodb uri] [admin username] [admin password]

If [mongodb uri] isn't provided it will default to localhost.


mongomate mongodb:// user23781g aoiudya87 

Express Mounted

npm install mongomate
// mongoClient can be a mongodb server connection or a mongodb server (no db uri)
var mongoClient = 'mongodb://localhost';

// Create the MongoMate Instance
var mongomate = require('mongomate')(mongoClient);

// If you need authentication for the admin client replace the previous line with
var mongomate = require('mongomate')(mongoClient, {
    auth {
        username: 'ADMIN_USERNAME',
        username: 'ADMIN_PASSWORD',

// Add this line in your app.configure(function() { ...
app.use('/mongomate', mongomate);

Now when you go to http://yourapp/mongomate, you'll get a MongoMate Interface